August 19, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Saturday, August 19




Jos 24: 14-29

Mt  19: 13-15


Pauline Discipleship has to be grafted completely in Mary, who will form Jesus Christ in every Aspirant: that means to become a Christian, an apostle, a saint (UPS IV, 242).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Fr Nevio Picco SSP (1998)–Sr M Pia Di Dio FSP (2003)–Vermigliana Rossini HFI (2003)–Sr Angela Costantin SGBP (2008)–Ilva Cieri FSP (2008)–Sr M Liliana Ventresca FSP (2010)–Pina Lentini IAM (2011)–Fr Biagio Russo IJP (2014)

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August 18, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Friday, August 18


Jos 24: 1-13

Mt  19: 1-12


In the activities to be inspired by love: love for God, for the church, for pastors, for the congregation, for superiors, for sisters, for sinners, for the sick, for children, for everyone. Only and everything for the love of God (PrP, VIII, p. 218).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Cleric Gesualdo Angella SSP (1938)–Sr M Francesca Franchini FSP (1974)–Sr M Provvidenza Giordano PD (1985)–Raimondo Manca HFI  (1991)–Bro Corrado Siccardi SSP (2003)–Cresenciana Aguilera Quiroz IAM (2004)–Fr Gabriele Todaro SSP (2010)–Sr Susan Helen Wallace FSP (2013)–Sr Angelina Pegorer FSP (2015)–Lucio Albano (1971)

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August 17, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Thursday, August 17


Jos 3: 7-10, 13-17

Mt 18: 21- 19: 1


Knowing how to make a friendly, happy and serene environment is a precious gift. Crack jokes, but decent ones; act with seriousness, but at the proper time (UPS I, 291)

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Elena Bertella IAM (1990)–Sr M Amalia Bernardini FSP (2003)–Bro James Mann SSP (2010)–Claudina Spallacci HFI (2010)–Ennio Tomassini HFI (2015)–Sr M. Lucis D’Amico PD (2016)–Mary Grace Boyar (1982)

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Is God Calling You?

Is God calling you to be a media apostle?


The Society of St Paul is a Religious Congregation for men dedicated to the apostolate of the mass media. Founded in 1914 at Alba, Italy, by Blessed James Alberione, the Congregation is now present in 32 countries across the globe.

The members of the Society of St Paul – Priests and Brothers – are engaged in the work of evangelization through the powerful means of communication such as the press, cinema, radio, television and other audio-visual and digital media. Creatively faithful to the charism of their saintly Founder who was a “man who saw tomorrow”, and animated by the spirit of their Patron, Paul the Apostle – the greatest missionary ever, the members dare to dream of employing at the service of the gospel whatever new means of communication technological advances may make available in the future. Find out more:

 — with Richard Roehrig.

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August 16, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Wednesday, August 16


Dt 34: 1-12

Mt 18: 15-20


Our piety should not be a sterile one, fulfilled only to comply to a duty that weighs on us: it must be a piety that makes us really feel the need of God; that makes us really long to a great holiness (RSP, p 29).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Sr M Flora Oyama FSP (1971)–Sr Eufemia Morando FSP (1983)–Bro Bernardino Boschetti SSP (1995)-Sr M Felicita Barbaduomo PD (2001)–Margarita Antonia Solis HFI (2002)–Fr Pacifico Butani IJP (2004)–Sr M Filippina Brisindi PD (2009)–Sr M. Giuseppina Di Miceli FSP (2010)–Br Secondo Gesualdo Mottura SSP (2014)

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Jesus, My Heaven: Day 9

Jesus My Heaven
Day 9

Heaven is the possession of God, and God will be possessed by those who have loved him upon the earth and have been faithful in serving him.

Blessed James Alberione

How can I keep my gaze fixed more on Jesus?

From the Scriptures:
A new heaven and a new earth.

Revelation 21:1-5

Today I will ask for the grace of final perseverance and the gift of heaven.

Father in heaven,
may we continue to strain forward,
with our gaze fixed on Jesus, your Son,
who leads us in our faith and
brings it to perfection
through the Holy Spirit.
Help us to persevere,
so that this work of holiness
begun in us
may be finished when
the day of Christ Jesus comes.

© Daughters of St. Paul. All Rights Reserved.

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August 15, 2017 With Blessed Father Alberione

Tuesday, August 15


Holy Day of Obligation

Rv 11: 12; 12: 1-6, 10

1 Cor 15: 20-27

Lk 1: 39-56


Mary in heaven is mediator and distributor of grace…She thinks and provides for all her children, she prays and gives every help and support to all of them. To the children of every time and everywhere (BMI, 503).

PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR DECEASED: Bro Salvatore Porcaro SSP (1982)–Sr M Joseph Coraddu FSP (1985)–Fr Remo De Angelis IJP (1999)–M. Zulmira M Pereira IAM (1999)–Annamaria Dessi HFI (2002)–Sr M Bernardetta De Biasi FSP (2015)–Pedro Lopez (2008)

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